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Welcome to Teach All Nations Mission

Teach All Nations Mission (TAN) is a global evangelical educational ministry birthed from the teaching ministries of Delron and Peggy Shirley.  The name Teach All Nations Mission was chosen to carefully indicate exactly what is the heart of the Shirley's mission.  TAN's commitment is to establish a solid foundation in the national pastors and leaders so that they can help enrich the people.

The vision is Christian teaching materials (in English and the local languages) in printed form and on audio and video tape, providing scholarships to Christian colleges and Bible schools for promising students, assisting in establishing and building of Bible schools, and broadcasting via the internet, radio, and television.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From the Shirley Family

No new daughters-in-law, grandchildren, or even grand-dogs this year – but it was still a banner year for the Shirley family. Delron says that he accomplished one of his “bucket list” items vicariously through our son Christopher in that he caught the deep-sea marlin that Delron has always dreamed of. We’ve enjoyed some great family times together – including getting locked in an escape room and figuring out all the clues necessary to gain our freedom just minutes before the time clock ran out. One highlight of the year was an invitation to minister at a retreat in North Carolina which gave us an opportunity to spend some time with some of our good friends from our college days – folks that we hadn’t seen in almost four decades!


Our mission work has taken literally to the ends of the earth – South America (Colombia), Europe (England), Africa (the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria), Asia (Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar), and even North America (Oklahoma, California, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania). In addition to our actual traveling ministry, Delron was blessed to be able to release several new books this year: Verse for the Day Volume II, Daily Ditties from Delron’s Desk Volume VI, Maximum Impact, Going Deeper in Jesus, and Seeds and Harvest. In addition, Peggy finished the first draft of her new book which should be released next year. We also had several books released in new translations: So, You Wanna Be a Preacher in Visayan and Swahili, Finally, My Brethren in Swahili, and People Who Make a Difference in Urdu.


One other thing that we are able to rejoice in as we look back over the year is how the Lord has blessed us with such wonderful friends and partners through our ministry who helped us be able to extend a helping hand when some of the missionaries and national pastors that we work with around the world were met with dire emergencies – an emergency surgery for a missionary in Brazil and the loss of home, church, and business for a pastor in the Turks and Caicos Islands when a hurricane swept through the islands.


This holiday season, we wish you the peace and goodwill that Jesus brought on the first Christmas.
Delron, Peggy, Jeremy, Erika, Jonathan, Zorah, Rhoden, Leo, Megan, Christopher,

December 2017 Meditation – Christian Virtue

We often hear messages about faith that make us feel that having faith is the end to which we as Christians are to strive.  On the contrary, the Peter admonished us to that faith should be considered as simply the starting point--the launching pad--for our Christian life.  He tells us to begin with faith and to add to it virtue. (II Peter 1:5)
These next few pages share some meditations on several Christian virtues to which we should give some attention if we want to truly develop our Christian lives to the next level of faith.  I have used the spelling of the word “faith” to help select several qualities for the focus of the study.








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July 19 – 31 2018 Come with us to Kenya

Teach All Nations will be holding a leadership conference for a small group of strategically selected pastors in Kenya's capitol city of Nairobi.  This visit to Africa provides an excellent opportunity for those who would like to get a taste of mission work and to see exactly what the ministry of Teach All Nations is all about.


Since Kenya is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in Africa, the accommodations there are more comfortable than some of the other countries we work in.


Click the flyer to find out how you can be a part of this life changing missions trip this summer.