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Welcome to Teach All Nations Mission

Teach All Nations Mission (TAN) is a global evangelical educational ministry birthed from the teaching ministries of Delron and Peggy Shirley.  The name Teach All Nations Mission was chosen to carefully indicate exactly what is the heart of the Shirley's mission.  TAN's commitment is to establish a solid foundation in the national pastors and leaders so that they can help enrich the people.

The vision is Christian teaching materials (in English and the local languages) in printed form and on audio and video tape, providing scholarships to Christian colleges and Bible schools for promising students, assisting in establishing and building of Bible schools, and broadcasting via the internet, radio, and television.


New Books from TAN

One of the significant aspects of the ministry of Teach all Nations is the publication of teaching materials to be used in the United States and around the world.  In order to keep a constant flow of new materials available, we produce several new books each year and also translate as many as possible of the existing books into the languages of the countries where we minister.


In 2017, we were blessed to be able to release a number of new books in English as well as So, You Wanna Be a Preacher in Visayan and Swahili, Finally, My Brethren in Swahili, and People Who Make a Difference in Urdu. In 2017, we were blessed to be able to release a number of new books in English as well as So, You Wanna Be a Preacher in Visayan and Swahili, Finally, My Brethren in Swahili, and People Who Make a Difference in Urdu.  Delron already has a series of three new books planned for release in 2018 plus the annual edition of Daily Ditties from Delron’s Desk.  Peggy is hoping to make her new book No Longer Bound available this year as well as to release the Portuguese version of Women for the Harvest.


We invite you to click on the bookstore link to browse through the materials that are available.   Remember that all the books that are distributed in the United States are priced so that we can give away at least one free book on the mission field for each book sold at home.  Your purchase will not only bless you and help you in your spiritual growth, it will also be a seed in the life of a pastor or Christian leader in one of the developing nations of the world.   Visit the Bookstore


Below are the new books for 2018 - Click on the book.



April 2018 Meditation – Interface

While I was ministering in Belfast, Ireland, my host took me around the city to become acquainted a bit with its history and traditions.  We, of course, made a stop at the shipyard where the ill-fated Titanic was built and made an extensive tour of sites where the bloody conflict between the city’s Protestant and Catholic populations had played out.  Finally, we found one bright spot in our expedition through the city that had suffered so much pain and agony over the years.  We came upon the community where C. S. Lewis had lived and discovered that they had erected a simple, yet impactful, memorial to his life and accomplishments.  The life-size statue of the author, philosopher, and theologian depicted him looking into the wardrobe that became so famous in his Chronicles of Narnia series.  It was by crawling into this wardrobe that the four Pevensie children were magically transported into the kingdom of Narnia where they met Aslan, the Great Lion, Lewis’ allegory for Jesus.  This magical wardrobe was depicted as actually connecting the temporal dimension of earth with the supernatural realm where the kingdom of heaven could be literally encountered as it conflicted with the demonic dominion.  To those four young siblings, that wardrobe was an interface between two worlds—between reality and the symbolic kingdom of Narnia.


Not long after my visit to Belfast, I began to randomly hear the word “interface.”  Sometimes, I would pick up the word in a conversation or in something I was reading.  But most often, the word would simply pop into my head for no apparent reason.  This unusual emphasis on a seemingly random thought reminded me of a similar experience many years before when the word “Africa” suddenly started popping into my head.  At that time, the closest I had ever been to Africa was Bush Garden’s Dark Continent theme park in Tampa, Florida.  As I kept encountering this single word over and over with no explanation as to what it could possibly mean to me, I began to have more and more interaction with Africans.  The college where I served as dean suddenly began to receive an influx of African students.  In fact, at one point there were more Africans than American students.  Then, I began to receive invitations to minister in Africa, a trend that continues until today with at least one or two trips to Africa every year.  So I knew that this repeated impression of the word “Africa” was a communication from God.  But what could the similar experience with the word “interface” mean?   [Read More]


Mission Report April 2018: Behind the Quran Curtain

When I was first contacted by a Christian leader in this Islamic-dominated country with the request that my book People Who Make A Difference be translated and published in his nation, I questioned if it were even feasible or prudent to do so.  After several communications with the gentleman, I discovered that he had a large underground network of pastors and Christian workers who were eager for more training and that he felt that the teachings in the book were exactly what they need at this time.  Thanks to the generosity of the Teach All Nations partners, we had funds that could be allocated for the translation and printing work, so I gladly granted him permission to go forward with the project.


A matter of a few weeks before the book was released a team of gospel works was arrested in the very city where the initial distribution of the book was scheduled.  There was a lot of chaos among the Christian community over these arrests, but the situation soon settled down and the gentleman who was leading the project was able to return to the city to finalize all the details for the release of the book – an event that drew five hundred participants from sixty different congregations from three different Muslim ethnic groups.  But this rally was just the beginning as our contact is continuing to distribute the book to pastors in other parts of the country.  He writes concerning the impact that he is seeing from the release of the book, “We believe that God will work out the leadership training of these gospel leaders through this book, and they will become the ones to bring change in this nation”. [Read More]

July 19 – 31 2018 Come with us to Kenya

Teach All Nations will be holding a leadership conference for a small group of strategically selected pastors in Kenya's capitol city of Nairobi.  This visit to Africa provides an excellent opportunity for those who would like to get a taste of mission work and to see exactly what the ministry of Teach All Nations is all about.


Since Kenya is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in Africa, the accommodations there are more comfortable than some of the other countries we work in.


Click the flyer to find out how you can be a part of this life changing missions trip this summer.