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Welcome to Teach All Nations Mission

Teach All Nations Mission (TAN) is a global evangelical educational ministry birthed from the teaching ministries of Delron and Peggy Shirley.  The name Teach All Nations Mission was chosen to carefully indicate exactly what is the heart of the Shirley's mission.  TAN's commitment is to establish a solid foundation in the national pastors and leaders so that they can help enrich the people.

The vision is Christian teaching materials (in English and the local languages) in printed form and on audio and video tape, providing scholarships to Christian colleges and Bible schools for promising students, assisting in establishing and building of Bible schools, and broadcasting via the internet, radio, and television.


Mission Report July 2017 – Sri Lanka

When Delron received his first invitation to minister in Sri Lanka, he had not even heard of the country.  It was only the picture of the country on the postage stamp that gave him a clue that it was the island that he knew of as Ceylon.  Now, four decades and more than half a dozen visits later, he and Peggy had the privilege of hosting a team of students from Charis Bible College where they teach on a mission to the resplendent nation as it was called during the colonial days.


The mission involved a wide variety of ministry in churches, a Bible college, humanitarian projects, open-air village venues, and even a coffee factory.  In the churches, we had the privilege of preaching in the adult services and doing skits, games, and object lessons in the children’s meetings.  Of course, all the services concluded with prayer times in which many people accepted Christ, healing, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  At the Bible college, the students taught in the classes and shared in small groups.  One of the recurring topics that the Sri Lankan students brought up was the baptism in the Holy Spirit – a discussion that our students were eager to engage in.  The result was that a large number of the students received the infilling of the Spirit.  The president of the school told us later that many of his students cried when our bus pulled out of the parking lot because their lives had been so powerfully impacted during our visit.  While at the campus, Delron broke away from the group for a day of training for the Every Home for Christ workers in the area.  About twenty-five pastors and evangelists came to be encouraged in their work and to be instructed in EHC’s discipleship program that Delron assists with.  [Read More]


June 2017 Meditation – Christian Secrets

Certainly, we have all marveled in amazement at magicians who made things appear from nowhere and made other things disappear into thin air.  Is it demonic power (?), illusion (?), a trick (?), sleight of hand (?), science (?), what (?).  The best answer is that these men have secrets.  They know how to do something that the rest of us do not know how to do.  It may be as simple as having a concealed pocket from which they can pull their hidden objects, or it may be an elaborate scheme involving lighting, a team of assistants, trap doors, and hours of practice; but no matter what it is -- great or small -- these men all have a secret.


The same is true of our Christian lives: if we want to do what others cannot do and be what others will not be, we must have a secret in our spiritual lives.  The magicians' secrets may be up their sleeves, but a Christian's secrets are inside their hearts.  It is the heart of man that contains his key for success or his warrant for defeat.


Heart Secrets

Let's think back to the time when the prophet Samuel was called to Jesse's house to anoint the next king of Israel.  Certainly, you remember the story of how the prophet wanted to choose Jesse’s first son because he was so tall, handsome, and strong.  However, God said, "No."  God continued to veto each decision the prophet desired to make as he called the next son and then the next and then the next until he had seen all seven of the brothers who had been called to the feast.  At that point, the prophet questioned the father if there were any remaining sons.  Of course, David -- the lad who was so unlikely for the throne that he hadn't even been beckoned to the interview -- was the one whom the Lord selected.  God reprimanded His servant Samuel with the admonition that he had been looking on the outward appearance while God was looking on the heart.


In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus addressed this truth when He told His listeners that they should not give their alms in public with a lot of fanfare to draw men's attention to their gifts.  He said that this kind of action would rob them of any benefit from God and that the alms should be given in secret because the God who sees in secret is the One who will openly reward the gift.  You see, He isn't looking at the gift; rather He is looking at the giver, searching for sincerity in his heart.  Jesus applied the same principle to our prayer lives as He instructed us to emphasize our private prayer lives rather than the occasions we have to offer public prayer.  He furthered the teaching to include fasting as well by telling the multitude that they were not to put on a show for men to see when they were fasting, but to let the fasting be a private act of separation and consecration to the Lord.  His whole point was that if we want to gain rewards in our spiritual lives, we must have some secrets "up our sleeves."


When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He demonstrated that He had some secrets that He kept hidden from the public.  You might imagine that restoring life to a corpse that had already started to deteriorate after four days of interment would have called for a long intense prayer.  A headache may have only needed a cryptic prayer, and a stomachache would require only a short intercession; but certainly to raise a dead man would demand an all-out demonstration of spiritual agonizing.  But Jesus' prayer for Lazarus was short and to the point, "Lazarus, come forth!"  It was, however, preceded by a simple word of thanks to the Father that His prayers had already been heard.  In other words, Jesus prayed in secret, and the Father heard Him in secret and rewarded Him in public.  Because Jesus had done something in secret that others do not do, He was able to get results in public that others do not get.  It was not magic, it was simply the success of His secret prayer life.

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