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Welcome to Teach All Nations Mission

Teach All Nations Mission (TAN) is a global evangelical educational ministry birthed from the teaching ministries of Delron and Peggy Shirley.  The name Teach All Nations Mission was chosen to carefully indicate exactly what is the heart of the Shirley's mission.  TAN's commitment is to establish a solid foundation in the national pastors and leaders so that they can help enrich the people.

The vision is Christian teaching materials (in English and the local languages) in printed form and on audio and video tape, providing scholarships to Christian colleges and Bible schools for promising students, assisting in establishing and building of Bible schools, and broadcasting via the internet, radio, and television.


New Books from TAN

One of the significant aspects of the ministry of Teach all Nations is the publication of teaching materials to be used in the United States and around the world.  In order to keep a constant flow of new materials available, we produce several new books each year and also translate as many as possible of the existing books into the languages of the countries where we minister.


In 2017, we were blessed to be able to release a number of new books in English as well as So, You Wanna Be a Preacher in Visayan and Swahili, Finally, My Brethren in Swahili, and People Who Make a Difference in Urdu. In 2017, we were blessed to be able to release a number of new books in English as well as So, You Wanna Be a Preacher in Visayan and Swahili, Finally, My Brethren in Swahili, and People Who Make a Difference in Urdu.  Delron already has a series of three new books planned for release in 2018 plus the annual edition of Daily Ditties from Delron’s Desk.  Peggy is hoping to make her new book No Longer Bound available this year as well as to release the Portuguese version of Women for the Harvest.


We invite you to click on the bookstore link to browse through the materials that are available.   Remember that all the books that are distributed in the United States are priced so that we can give away at least one free book on the mission field for each book sold at home.  Your purchase will not only bless you and help you in your spiritual growth, it will also be a seed in the life of a pastor or Christian leader in one of the developing nations of the world.   Visit the Bookstore


Below are the new books for 2018 - Click on the book.



Mission Report June 2018: Dominican Republic

“I don’t want to go home. I’m just dismissing the service because I know that the people need to leave.” That’s how the pastor at one of the churches in the Dominican Republic addressed the congregation as he took the microphone after the mission team concluded their presentation. Delron’s team of nineteen Bible college students spent just over a week ministering in churches, schools, and open-air settings in and around the city of Santiago – a one-million-population intellectual, educational, cultural center, and industrial center of the Caribbean nation.


Their first experience of the week was the open-air ministry in the city park where passersby stopped to watch the skits and listen to the testimonies that the students shared. At the conclusion of the presentation, one Mexican team member stepped forward to give the final gospel message and extend an invitation for salvation and healing in Spanish. Almost every one of the crowd that had gathered responded and prayed the sinner’s prayer with him; most of them also asked the team members to pray with them for healing. After a quick stop at the mission base to regroup and package food bags, the team headed to a church in one of the needy areas of town for a food distribution and an evangelistic service. Clowns and puppets intrigued the children while the skits and testimonies captivated the adults. Again, the majority of those present responded to the altar call and prayed that their lives would truly be altered. As the guests left the church, we handed each person a free bag of food and each child a fistful of candy.
The morning of the second day of our mission to the Dominican people was focused on a children’s outreach that was held at the La Casa Grande – the mission base of our hosts, Tim and Trena Johnson. The Johnsons, Delron and Peggy’s long-time friends, have lived in the Dominican Republic for twenty-two years and have seen thousands of lives changed, scores of churches launched, and twenty-three church buildings erected as a result of their ministry there. One of their approaches has been to reach children with the gospel by inviting them to their compound on Saturdays for a time of fun and games followed by a presentation of the gospel. Many of the youngsters they have reached over the years are serving as pastors and in other roles of leadership in the community today. Our children’s outreach this time was one more opportunity to plant seeds of destiny in the hearts of the future leaders of the nation as they listened to the testimonies and teaching and politely accepted the bags of candy as they exited the compound. That evening, our team visited another area of town where we began by canvassing the neighborhood inviting the children to our meeting. Like the Pied Piper, we returned to the little church followed by a parade of the neighborhood children. Songs, dances, games, puppets, clowns, skits, and testimonies held the attention of not only the children but also the adults who crowded into the building. When we offered them an opportunity to receive Christ, hands went up all over the sanctuary. Again, the front of the church was filled with those who responded to the invitation for personal prayer and healing. [Read More]

June 2018 Meditation – COLOSSAL COLOSSIANS

The Colossus of Rhodes towered more than one hundred feet tall above the harbor of the Greek island of Rhodes, making it one of the tallest statues of the ancient world. This gigantic statue of the Greek god Helios was erected about three hundred years before the birth of Christ and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


The English language has adapted the term “colossal” from this monstrous work of art to speak of things of outstanding proportions. Even though the book of Colossians is actually one of the smaller of Paul’s epistles, this little volume seems to deserve the title “colossal” since it packs a mighty theological punch and weighs in as one of the most significant treatments of who Christ is in us and who we are in Him.


If this were a Bible college or seminary text, we would have to begin our study with a certain number of essential fact that many of us would find boring as we impatiently mutter under our breath, “Let’s get on with the good stuff. I want to learn what’s actually in the book, not a bunch of facts surrounding the book.” Well, try to be a bit forgiving as I take the first few lines to deal with these boring facts. Scholars believe that Colossians was written by the Apostle Paul around 60-62 AD from a prison cell in Rome. It has been widely noted that there is a very close parallel between this letter and the one to the Ephesians. Furthermore, many Bible teachers speculate that the letter to the Ephesians was not actually directed to the Ephesian church specifically; rather, they suggest that it is more likely to have been a circular letter that was intended to be read by all the churches in Asia Minor, which is modern-day Turkey. The very earliest copies of the letter to the Ephesians did not bear this title; they simply were not addressed to anyone at all. This lack of a title, along with the general terminology used throughout the book has led many scholars to conclude that Paul had intended it for a much wider audience than just one church. When compared to the way most of his letters give point-blank advice to specific issues in the churches, it is readily observable that the Ephesian letter has a rather unique generalized tone.

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